Top tips for a perfect party

Planning your little one's birthday party can be a stressful & daunting task. With so many things to think about & do we can end up not enjoying the day and missing some wonderful memories.

After attending hundreds of birthday parties and planning events for thousands of little Princesses here are my top tips for a fun filled, stress free party!



First things first choosing a venue is a priority before considering the theme & activities for the party. Would you like lots of space for games or a theme such as a tea party? Once you have secured a venue suitable you can start to building a plan for entertainers or games you can run yourself. Village halls are an affordable option for a party, usually have a great amount of space and kitchen facilities for food prep. If you are hosting the party at home be sure to advise the entertainer of space so they can plan games accordingly



Themed parties are becoming increasingly popular & can actually take a lot of pressure off of you! If you have a clear idea of what kind of tableware, decorations & games you need it makes it much easier to source. Sites like ebay are fantastic for low cost themed products, for ourselves Princess parties are of course the clear choice however if that isn't right for your little one there are lots of options. Do they have a favourite tv show or character? If you'd like the opportunity to do something a bit more unique & use your creative flair a generic theme like pirates, ocean, nature, the jungle are a great choice.


Hosting a party yourself often means you miss out on actually enjoying the day, hiring an entertainer will take the stress off of you & also give the children the best possible experience. When choosing an entertainer it is so important to research, research, research! Particularly within the Princess industry there are many companies operating with no insurance, experience or knowledge of entertaining children. Facebook pages & website can seem legitimate but are actually full of stock images & false claims. Things to watch out for are recent social media posts from actual parties, lots of reviews from members of the public and a clear background in children's entertainment. Magicians can a be fabulous option for older children who need lots of stimulation, mascots can go down a storm but be mindful that children under the age of 5 can find them very scary!

Numbers & no shows

In our experience with children's parties there will always be guests that haven't confirmed and those who have but then fail to show. This can be frustrating for the parents & upsetting for the child, why not try an e-invite where an e-mail is received and parents simply have to click yes or no to RSVP. We also find that lateness is common and sometimes when our entertainment is booked for example from 2-4pm guests are still arriving at 2.30pm. This means entertainment can be cut short or cause disruption from late comers. We advise when booking entertainment to book it to start around 15 minutes after the start time of the party on the invite. This way most of the guests have arrived and nobody misses out! It's a good idea to have a few spare party bags just in case of unexpected guests!

I hope you find these tips helpful & have wonderful parties for your little ones

Lottie xxx

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