Meet the cast.. Victoria McCabe

Tell us a bit about yourself & your background..

I'm a Musical Theatre Performer from the North East who moved to London to pursue Theatre and graduated from London Studio Centre with a Ba (hons) in Theatre Dance. I love Singing, Dancing, Chocolate, Disney and All things Princess!

Where might we have seen you before?

I have been lucky to play the role of Linda in An Evening of Dirty Dancing UK Tour, Sandra in Summer Dreaming UK Tour, perform as a Singer/Dancer on board Celebrity Cruise Ships for Qdos Entertainment and have recently finished my fourth Princess contract with Evolution Pantomimes, these roles include; Snow White, Princess Tamara, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

Who is your favorite Princess & why?

My favourite Princess is definitely Belle! I absolutely loved Beauty and the Beast growing up and the soundtrack was heavily featured in my home life ha! I love her because she is kind, brave, adventurous and she loves to read and day dream, two of my favourite past times!

What's your favorite thing about being a Princess?

I absolutely love being a Princess because you get to create and be part of something so Magical. I love the look on the children's faces when you first appear and I always try to make their celebration as special, fun and personal as possible. We teach the children the values a Princess possesses and how to dress, walk, wave and dance like a Princess; it's so lovely leaving the party and having all the guests feel like Royalty, It's an amazing experience!

Any embarrassing Princess stories?

I was the Snow Queen for a party once and we were outside. Unfortunately I was a little caught out by a bird during one of the gameswho thought he’d decorate my dress. Luckily the children didn't notice but I spent the rest of the party with a strategically positioned cape!

Cutest story at a party or event?

A cute story that sticks out for me was at an Little Mermaid party. The birthday girl and I had matching outfits, but her wig was a little too big for her head! It kept slipping down and covering her eyes but she was adamant she wanted to keep it on so that we still looked the same! I think she missed quite a bit of what was going on, but she definitely looked like a Mermaid Ha! I am always moved by the Crowning Ceremony at the end of a party because it's super magical and the girls and boys are always proud to be crowned Real Prince and Princesses, it gets me every time!

To book Victoria for your little Princesses party follow this link :

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