Areas We Cover

Below you can see the maps of areas we cover with a side note of areas we do not despite being within the 30 mile radius, this is due to travel time to those particular areas as well as frequent high volumes of traffic. If you are unsure as to whether your area is covered please get in touch.

5 Mile Radius
Areas We Do Not Cover

Areas we do not cover within the 30 mile radius are as follows:

  • Essex

  • North London

  • East London

  • Wembley/Hayes

  • Watford

  • Kent

  • Bromley & surrounding areas

Why do we charge a mileage charge?

Our entertainers are all self employed & use their own cars to attend appearances and parties. We must therefore pay them the government recommended rate for the wear and tear to their car and also the cost of fuel. This charge is added to all bookings more than 5 miles each way from our office.

30 Mile Radius- only up to 30 minutes from KT9